OSOM (Open Source Open Mind) Conference will be held on 30th October 2010 (12pm-16pm)  at Cluj Napoca, Romania.

OSOM is design to reveal the general Open Source and Free Software concepts, the differences between the two trends and the types of licenses used in this area, to demonstrate that Open Source and Free Software is a valid replacement or complement to proprietary software.

What are our mainly topics of discussion?

1. “Open Source Culture” – The concept of open source and free sharing of technological information

2. Android application:

“Where to go?” – An application related to GPS navigation system

3. Widely used applications on open systems

4. Things they say open source tools cannot do…Performance in testing by Jmeter and SoapUI

5. Open source Caching Solutions –  In this article we present first a quick overview on caching, caching strategies and the use of caching for web pages and secondly few open source caching solutions along with their main features

6. Project Management and open source licenses

7. Digital Graphics – Alternative Solutions

8. Other topics

Here you can find OSOM program and Facebook page for this event.