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Apt-Get is a great command line tool for downloading apps in Linux, but lately I’ve tried apt-fast …Apt-fast is a simple command line utility that can make installation and upgrading of softwares in Ubuntu/Debian much faster.

Apt-Fast uses the Axel download accelerator to download different pieces of a package simultaneously, lowering the total time it takes to download a package (this is all about HTTP/FTP downloads). To set it up, download the shell script, put it in your home folder, and run the following commands:

[pensacola@pensacola-tech ~]# sudo apt-get install axel

[pensacola@pensacola-tech ~]#sudo mv apt-fast.sh /usr/bin/apt-fast

[pensacola@pensacola-tech ~]#sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/apt-fast

You can now install packages from terminal using the “apt-fast” argument.

E.g: [pensacola@pensacola-tech ~]#apt-fast install gftp

Note that this doesn’t speed up your actual internet connection, just downloads from Synaptic or the Ubuntu Software Center!

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How to make a website? This is a common question … Here is described the 7-Step Method for having your website up and running.

Step 1 -> Web design

What will your web site look like and what features will it contain? Write it down on paper using a stepwise approach:

  • Features List
  • Layout & Navigation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Text
  • Artistic Preference

Step 2 -> Bandwidth & Web Space Requirements Analysis

What will it take in terms of web hosting to accommodate the web design in Step 1? Estimate the host disk space and monthly traffic requirements. We provide formulas, calculators and examples. How will you create the web pages? Web authoring software options examined.

Step 3 -> Domain Name Registration

Choose an effective domain name and follow the  domain name registration procedures.

Step 4 -> Web Hosting

Choose a web hosting service that meets your web site design requirements in Step 2.

Step 5 -> Web Development

Build the web pages.

Step 6 -> Web Site Promotion

Get your web site indexed. Search engine promotion and submission strategies. Proper keyword selection. Search engine ranking and web site optimization rules.

Step 7 -> Web Site Maintenance

Ongoing web site promotion, traffic analysis, web site performance, links testing, popularity testing, host performance.