ClujHub presents an evening of lightning talks and networking on the theme of ‘open’. Join Sourcefabric, Mozilla, OSOM (Open Source Open Mind) and journalist Andrei Aronet to see how open strategies, tactics and tools are revolutionising the web, the media and business. Are you an entrepreneur, coder or journalist open to new ideas? Join us -everyone is welcome to contribute, share ideas and collaborate!
Adam Thomas, Head of Communications as well as Holman Romero, Sourcefabric’s CTO will be flying into present alongside Mihai Balaceanu from the Superdesk team in Cluj.
Alongside Stefania Ioana Chiorean from Mozilla, Andrei Aronet and me, from OSOM, Open Source Open Mind :).
Presentations to be held:


  • Open Source Open Mind
  • Ubuntu LoCo


  • WebFWD
  • Webmaker
  • The upcoming Mozilla Festival


  • Sourcefabric, one of the world’s largest open source, non-profit organizations supporting independent media projects.

Andrei Aronet

  • He will provide examples from his work experience in print and online media.


You can RSVP via Facebook Event!

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