WordCamp Transylvania is the only local conference which focuses exclusively on exchange of knowledge and experience from the romanian developers and users of WordPress, between 1st – 2nd June 2013.

Talk about WordPress to the WordPress community from Transylvania. Fly you passion for WordPress straight to Transylvania!

People with different background, but with the same interest (WordPress) from the area – and beyond – will take part in the event.

This year’s WordCamp event in Romania will take place in Cluj-Napoca, the unofficial capital of Transylvania and, also the city which hosts – in the same period – the acclaimed eastern film festival – TIFF (Transylvania Film Festival).

Reasons to come to the event:

    • You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas or projects related to WordPress in an official WordCamp event
    • You will enliven the WordPress spirit, by contributing with knowledge for the Romanian WordPress community
    • You will enjoy two (or more) relaxing days in Cluj-Napoca: The heart of Transylvania

Discover Transylvania, discover Cluj-Napoca

In June, Cluj-Napoca opens its gates for Romanian and foreign tourists, hosting a large variety of attractive events, of which – the most important film festival in Romania – Transylvania Film Festival (TIFF). This year, the festival will take place between 31st of May and June 9th.

Some say that this may be the best period to experiment the city’s youthful spirit and to discover its unique charm.

WordCamp Transylvania will take place in the city center, close to the main tourist attractions.

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