Recently I started to learn JAVA. I have to admit that OOP is not actually my “thing” … but I found an entertaining introductory tutorial on Object-Oriented Programming. “A java tutorial that shows you why Coding Java (or any other object-oriented programming) is just like writing a trashy Western novel.” I definitely recommend this tutorial , I think is (one of) the best :)

Jos Claerbout is the author and his paper is called Don’t fear the OOP. He uses a trashy western novel as his focus to describe OOP. Each idea is presented in “pretty” colors. If in green, the idea is discussed in terms any literate human could understand. If in yellow, it is a bit more programmatical but still not full fledged “programming talk”. And, if in red, it is all about the code. I can’t say I have ever read a paper that used these styles of teaching but it works. It has been a great reference to put me over that edge so I can get beyond the rut I’ve been stuck in.