Tabara de Testare is a community group for QA that organizes weekly meetings to share knowledge in quality field. Tabara de testare Iasi is the local team from Iasi City which invited Mozilla RO team to hold an event during a weekend to have a workshop about Firefox OS automation Testing.

Making a good and reliable mobile web app it’s important, and making sure your app works as expected every time is crucial. Marionette is a tool designed to test any Gecko enabled app but especially FirefoxOS. (Note: The concepts behind the session are common to all automated testing on the internet, but we will use Firefox OS in this session for simplicity and to focus on the concepts).

During this session, the participants were introduced in the principles of automation testing and they  learned how to write automated tests for a web app. Ioana Chiorean broke the ice with a talk about Mozilla RO and then session continued with a small description about the tools and how they work, thanks Bebe for that :).

The attendants installed a simple test environment on their PC  (downloaded Firefox OS for desktop and they installed Python 2.7 ). There is no extra hardware required (eg Firefox OS phone) but for advanced level or quick-learning attendees with a Firefox OS phone the tasks can also be run on a phone.

After that, each participant or, in groups, started to work on their own scripts to test different kinds of apps, from the simple ones to the more sophisticated ones. At the end, the participants did a show-and-tell session of their script.

More info can be found here, it contains all the info needed for starting to write tests. Enjoy!

Thanks to all for inviting me there and for such a great techy weekend we spent together. Can’t wait for the next one :)

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