WordPress allows you to mass delete these comments in the wp-admin – but only in batches of 20 at a time. So this could be a real problem  when you have thousands of pending comments.

Here is a simple way to delete all pending comments:

  • 1 Log In to Your Hosting Backend

I use CPanel so the screenshots are related.

When you have successfully logged in, you will see a screen like this:

  • 2 Access Your Database Using phpMyAdmin

Look for the phpMyAdmin icon (under databases) and click on it. You should see a page like that when you are in the phpMyAdmin page.

Select your WordPress database by clicking on it on the left. You will see a list of tables within that database.

Next, locate the tabs on the right side, and find “SQL”. Click on that.

You will see this screen.

  • 3 Run the Following SQL command on your database

The command is this:

Warning: Make sure you are fully comfortable with playing around with the database. If not back it up first, before you run any commands. Else, get a professional to help you with it.

DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = '0'

You should see a status message saying something like “958 rows affected”.

Log back in to your WordPress admin panel, and you will find all the pending comments gone :)

Recently I started to learn JAVA. I have to admit that OOP is not actually my “thing” … but I found an entertaining introductory tutorial on Object-Oriented Programming. “A java tutorial that shows you why Coding Java (or any other object-oriented programming) is just like writing a trashy Western novel.” I definitely recommend this tutorial , I think is (one of) the best :)

Jos Claerbout is the author and his paper is called Don’t fear the OOP. He uses a trashy western novel as his focus to describe OOP. Each idea is presented in “pretty” colors. If in green, the idea is discussed in terms any literate human could understand. If in yellow, it is a bit more programmatical but still not full fledged “programming talk”. And, if in red, it is all about the code. I can’t say I have ever read a paper that used these styles of teaching but it works. It has been a great reference to put me over that edge so I can get beyond the rut I’ve been stuck in.

Reference: http://stanford.edu/

How to make a website? This is a common question … Here is described the 7-Step Method for having your website up and running.

Step 1 -> Web design

What will your web site look like and what features will it contain? Write it down on paper using a stepwise approach:

  • Features List
  • Layout & Navigation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Text
  • Artistic Preference

Step 2 -> Bandwidth & Web Space Requirements Analysis

What will it take in terms of web hosting to accommodate the web design in Step 1? Estimate the host disk space and monthly traffic requirements. We provide formulas, calculators and examples. How will you create the web pages? Web authoring software options examined.

Step 3 -> Domain Name Registration

Choose an effective domain name and follow the  domain name registration procedures.

Step 4 -> Web Hosting

Choose a web hosting service that meets your web site design requirements in Step 2.

Step 5 -> Web Development

Build the web pages.

Step 6 -> Web Site Promotion

Get your web site indexed. Search engine promotion and submission strategies. Proper keyword selection. Search engine ranking and web site optimization rules.

Step 7 -> Web Site Maintenance

Ongoing web site promotion, traffic analysis, web site performance, links testing, popularity testing, host performance.