Pe data de 26 ianuarie, la Bucuresti a fost organizat un hackathon legat de Firefox OS pentru telefoane mobile. Evenimentul a avut loc in peste 20 de tari la nivel mondial iar Romania s-a aflat printre ele. Am avut ocazia sa discutam si sa facem aplicatii pentru noul sistem de operare Firefox OS. A fost un eveniment reusit, organizare buna, multa lume si cool people :)



….Va doreste o primavara mirifica!


Software Testing a Necessary Evil

… is the most important phase in any software development project. Why? It’s easy… because after testing we can know whether our project or product is going to be successful or it will fail before it goes live.

Software Testing is like running

…?!?!? Because we all think that we know how to run …but do we? NO, we don’t. If the answer to this question is YES, and we run correctly, why the number of injuries received in running, still remains so high, despite a much better medical service, more sophisticated running shoes and more educated coaches ? Or why we don’t have a high number of athletes? Tricky isn’t it? It’s not as easy as we think … We all know how to run but just some of us are running correctly, we all know how to test but just some of us are really testing.

A tester is…

Recently I’ve read an article from … They’ve created a lovely image from the best answer by Jeff Lucas.

This image definitely made my day! :-)

You need the bad to have the good …

As a tester, while striving for the impossible goal of perfect software, we sometimes feel stupid. Maybe you were wondering “Do I really have any hard skills different from the others? Am I a testing failure?”

Maybe you have felt stupid too. Feeling stupid is not fun and eventually will lead to disliking your job. So … here are two options:

1) Find a new job

2) Try not to feel stupid

As a tester, we learn something new every day … Faking your knowledge is way worse than saying “I don’t know”.

Testers are not stupid. Without testers the software product will not be a success. Don’t second guess your skills as a tester.

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ACTAAnti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - incalca numeroase libertati civile, intimitatea cetateanului, circulatia libera a informatiei pe Internet, comertul si abilitatea tarilor in curs de dezvoltare de a-si alege optiunile si legile care se potrivesc cel mai bine.

Stop cenzurarea Internetului!

Semneaza petitia internationala STOP A.C.T.A –


The beginning of every year brings in new hope and enthusiasm. We look forward to a new beginning and hope things to improve from the last year… Really?!?!?!

We seem to realize things when it’s too late to fix it, so we call this “Lessons learned”

  • Find the perfect balance instead of spending too much time on one thing
  • Keep it focused, keep it on
  • Start sharing your ideas, learn and improve your knowledge
  • Open your mind, voice your opinion and enjoy the Open World
  • Stop making a plan, or hope for “nothing”, just do your thing
  • Be OSOM