My name is Marcela Oniga, and this is my personal blog. My occupations vary from testing to sysadmining , in the end it’s all about FLOSS which I support and encourage people to use.

I am an enthusiastic Linux user, a big fan of open source philosophy. Founder and owner Pensacola Tech, a webhosting company.

This page describes Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects I’m involved in, and some of my views (and activities) regarding the intersection of FOSS and advocacy.

FOSS communities  and projects I contribute to:

  • OSOM – Open Source Open Mind

I’m the founder of this Open Source non profit organization, we support and promote Free and Open Source Software, organize annual OSOM events/conferences.

I’m a big Ubuntu fan, Ubuntu Evangelist, an active member of Ubuntu LoCo Romania and also part of Ubuntu-Women project. Here is my launchpad account and on wiki page more about my Ubuntu activity. PS: I’m trying to keep wiki updated :).

I’m part of Mozilla Romania community, I promote Mozilla and projects related for a better web.

You can email to, or find me on Facebook or tweet me @pensacolla.

Keep IT On! Be OSOM <3



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